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21 Jan

Matt Kuchar won a 15$ million Professional Golfer

One of the most consistent players on the US PGA Tour, Matt Kuchar is a professional golfer from the United States of America.

He is a seven time winner on the US PGA Tour, winning a massive $ 15 million in prize money, having record a stunning 30 finishes inside the top 30 during his peak years of 2009 and 2012. He burst onto the scene as a fresh faced youngster twelve years back and during the early stages of his professional career, he was tipped to become one of the top players, and enjoyed brief successes on the US PGA Tour as well. (more…)

3 Dec

Webb Simpson Tee Shot makes America Lose

The tee shot is sometimes called the hardest shot in golf, and Webb Simpson’s duffed tee shot proved just how tough it is. The shot barely made a hundred yards. There were signs, by then, that indicated that his day wasn’t going to be a good one. Ivor Robson, the official starter, announced that “Bubba Watson” in place of “Webb Simpson” was going to tee off at the moment, it was followed by a lot of laughter.

Fourballs is regarded to be a format that is forgiving, but Webb Simpson didn’t even manage to win a hole or a birdie, being a major player himself, it was disappointing.

Simpson wanted to be on the team badly, he even sent the US Team captain, Tom Watson, text messages in the middle of the night.

Webb Said that their start was rather rough and it was disappointing. It seemed to them that their games were “just there” but they couldn’t manage a putt.

Simpson and Watson lost 5&4 to Justin Rose and Henrik Stenson. The US PGA Tour tweeted that it was a short drive besides being an accurate one. Though, one can say that it was a complete blunder. The American team captain Tom Watson let Simpson rest for the afternoon.

Webb Simpson was also putting the greens very often, it shows that he wasn’t composed at all.

Webb Simpson’s most remarkable achievement as of yet has been winning the US Open in 2012. Simpson was married to Taylor Dowd Keith on 2nd January 2010. They have a son and two daughters, their names are respectively, James, Willow Grace and Wyndham Rose. Simpson belongs to Christian faith and he regularly tweets bible verses. Simpson is the founder of an annual junior golf tournament with the co-founder and present director, Mark Bentley who happens to be his friend, in 2010. It is called Webb Simpson Challenge.