Casey Absence In Ryder Hurt Mcilroy

15 Dec

Casey Absence In Ryder Hurt Mcilroy

Despite being ranked 12th Paul Casey was not chosen for 2016 Ryder Cup.  Reason for not choosing him was, Casey didn’t have membership of the European tour.

Former number one player Rory Mcilroy suggested European tour to change their selection criteria as he was hurt because of absence of player in Ryder Cup.

Mcilroy said “Paul Casey is the 12th number golfer in the world and he is not allowed to come in Ryder Cup just because is not having a membership of the European tour is really wrong.” He Said “European tour should change their selection criteria for next edition.”

According to Mcilroy “Casey is a strong player and he would have been the hottest player of the season if played. Moreover, the team would be benefitted by having talent like Casey.”

“Not to have player like Casey in the team when is playing one of the best golf is disheartening” Mcilroy said. He further added that “In a tournament like this team should be formed with the best 12 players from, Europe rather best 12 players from the United States. Membership of tour does not have to do anything with that”

European team lost from the United States with the margin of 17-11 At Hazeltine national course. This has prompted European tour to reconsider their selection process in the next edition of the tour. According to rule of the European tour, non-members of the tour are restricted to participate in Ryder Cup.

Now, let’s know what the reason for Paul Casey isn’t taking membership of the European tour. By taking membership of the tour, Paul Casey has to play five out of four major and four World golf championship events.

Casey’s decision to not to retain membership of European tour could be because he wasn’t comfortable playing this number of tournaments or maybe some other; only Casey can answer it.