Luke Donald

16 Nov


  1. you obviously dont know what your talking about when it comes to swing mechanics he loads lots of pressure on to the right side at the top of the backswin he also has a wide narrow wide way of swinging the club which means a wide takeaway & backswing narrow into into the hitting area and wide follow through which creates power but what luke dosnt do well in my opinion is just after impact when his arms get a full extension he has a tendancy to flip his hands over which can create a hook.

  2. lee westwood was no1 before luke donald, and before westwood was martin kaymer, who had just won his first major and won the european tour order of merit. he also won 3 times in a row which included his major

  3. sad thing is this guy is a good golfer…but he will never get the respect, ppl are waiting for Rory to over take him or are hoping Tiger will become #1 again…Its like the guy who was #1 before Luke…for like 3 weeks..cant even remember his name…

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