Martin Kaymer At RBC Heritage

30 Apr

Martin Kaymer At RBC Heritage

Martin Kaymer was at the RBC Heritage though this year’s participation in this event was not very successful for him. He attempted to get a trick shot, but it did not go through.

As a result, his ball bounced off the grandstand and landed in the bunker. This happened when he was playing the ninth hole in the third round. The international golfer from Germany was hoping to score some points with a trick shot at the RBC Heritage but it ended up being on the green side of the bunker.

The former number one golfer got stuck behind some trees as his trick shot was foiled. However, he did get imaginative when he got stuck behind the trees. He did not try to punch the ball out and get it back on the fairway. He attempted to get a bank shot down in front of the gallery of viewers, but things did not go as per his plan.

What he was hoping to achieve was to get the ball moving towards the cup, but the ball flew off the hoardings instead and landed on the green side bunker instead. This tournament did see some eventful occurrences besides the unfortunate incident with Martin. For instance, Ian saw the incident of a ball landing close to the banks of a water body where an alligator was lying by.

Kaymer salvaged the situation by saving his pair eventually. After all, having won two times at major championships, he was ranked as the number one golfer for a period of eight weeks in the year 2011. Kaymer also performed well in Ryder Cup in the year 2012 when he got the cup for the Europe championship. He also won the Players Championship in May 2014 which has been his noticeable win till date.