Mcdowell Praises Rory Mcllory

10 Oct

Mcdowell Praises Rory Mcllory

The present world number one Rory Mcllory has bagged his second major at the Kiawah Island by defeating Ian Poulter by eight shots.

Just after the win, Mcllory was congratulated by his fellow Northern Irishman Graeme Mcdowell. He assumes that Mcllory is going to the next role model of the kids. Though he is not sure whether Mcllory can take the place of Tiger Woods or not, but Mcdowell is certain about Mcllory’s success.

Mcdowell goes on saying that Tiger Woods is Tiger Woods but soon Rory Mcllory will steal the spotlight. He has a great attitude which he carries better than anybody. The charm that he possesses is wonderful to look at. And his strong character would lead him to the top. This is Mcdowell’s observation.

When asked whether Mcllory can be the next Tiger Woods Mcdowell seemed a little diplomatic. He told that it’s not easy to differentiate between Mcllory and Woods. In his opinion if Woods is considered as the superstar of a lifetime then Mcllory can be a superstar of a decade! But Graeme Mcdowell never doubts the talent of Mcllory.

Mcdowell thinks that Rory Mcllory will do more wonders in coming years. He is only 23 years old and has a life ahead of him. If he can keep his brain calm and goes on doing whatever he is doing right now the world is most likely to see the birth of a new golf youngstar. While mentioning about Mcllory, Graeme Mcdowell said that his records speak for him. He won the US Open last year with a record score and since then he’s been extraordinary.

The success of Mcllory seems to have made a world-wide fan following for him. And his fellow countryman and most likely, his partner of the upcoming Ryder Cup, Graeme Mcdowell is the latest addition to his fan base!