27 Mar


Michelle Wie has teamed up with Kia Motors America in order to do some good work – presenting the Armed Services YMCA of Camp Pendleton with a fifty thousand donation. This act of generosity and good will came during the Ladies Professional Golf Association Tour at the La Costa Resort and Spa on the 22nd of March.

This humble donation of Michelle Wie will be going to the ASYMCA’s Operation Hero Programme which takes care of the after school tutoring and mentoring to elementary school aged children at no cost at all. The aim of this programme is to pave the way for a brighter and more advanced tomorrow.

George Brown who is the executive director of the Camp Pendleton ASYMCA said that they are very grateful to Michelle Wie and Kia Motors America for making such a donation to their programme and helping them with their cause. He admitted to the fact that the programme was a very critical one and hence the donation will be helping the programme immensely and hence he and his team at the organisation are most grateful to them.

Tom Loveless, the Vice President of the Kia Motors America saw this opportunity of making a donation as a way of giving back to the society and to a good and worthy cause. He said that their headquarters are located in Irvine and hence Camp Pendleton is like their very own community. He said that this donation is their way of showing their appreciation and admiration to the sacrifices made by the members of the ASYMCA. He said that it is an opinion that they share with Michelle Wie and hence partnering with her in this venture makes a lot of sense and is very meaningful indeed.

This was indeed a very emotional gesture for Wie because (accoring to the Michelle Wie stats) she herself attended the YMCA as a child. She commented saying that she is a very big advocate of education and showing love and gratitude towards those who serve the country and the citizens selflessly.

She said that she wants the kids of this organisation to know that even though they go through a lot of pain and hard times, they need to stick with their education as it can make them realise their dreams in a good and positive manner. She believes that education is the most powerful tool that one can equip a child with.

The employees and the children of this organisation were available and present at the ceremony and hence could witness the donation personally.