Young golfer gets tax advice from Phil Mickelson

25 Nov

Young golfer gets tax advice from Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson, this time, has some great advice to share. The golfer from San Diego attended college at Arizona State and later he moved back to California. That time Mickelson was happy in California and he did not have any plans of moving from there. But later the pro golfer wishes he had left.

And now, Phil is quite sure to offer that advice to a young and promising golf player who is on the threshold of becoming professional. Golfer Lydia Ko already won 4 pro events and that includes 2 LPGA tournaments, but still he was listed as an amateur golfer when she took participated.

Now, before her first golf event Florida, Lefty decided to offer his wisdom. Lydia Ko told that Florida and Texas as well as some other places, there is no income tax. Mickelson mentioned that one of the biggest mistakes was staying in California following college where the taxes are quite high. Therefore, she is in attempt to stay in a low place.

Lydia would have earned more than US$ 1 million if she would have turned a professional. This is not the very first time when Phil had something to say on taxes, but this is the first time when a golfer got some advice from him regarding tax.
Meanwhile, Phil Mickelson has made it clear of his longing to fill the empty place in his trophy room – well, this is the silver ewer which goes to the US Open winner. He recently told  that he is looking forward to it very much.